THE I.K.I.P Secret: What Millennial Parents Seek

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THE I.K.I.P Secret: What Millennial Parents Seek

How does one become the pediatrician of choice among millennial parents? In a survey of 50 millennial parents, the ability to reach their pediatricians through SMS and phone; feel emotional support, concern, and rapport far outweighed knowledge and medical skill. This means that relationship and communication are greatly valued, even above proficiency and knowledge of modern medical developments. It is more than just about treating patients but treating them with empathy, concern and full communications.

To better incorporate these findings into the patient-doctor dynamics and put them into practice, we look at the concept of INTELLIGENT KINDNESS IN PRACTICE or IKIP, a health care concept crafted by Ballatt and Campling that integrates the science and art of health care, enhancing relationships between patient and doctors for a more holistic treatment, ensuring that patients health needs are supported not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.


Campling, Penelope. Reforming the Culture of Healthcare: the case for Intelligent Kindness. BJPsych Bull 2015Feb, 39 (1): 1-5.


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